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Twin Leg Expandable Shock Absorbing Lanyard (BXFP0625IN)

  • Comes with internal shock absorption feature incorporated within their core, do not require an additional energy absorber pack, hence are lighter in weight.
  • Material: 1.57 inches(40mm) polyester tubular webbing with relaxed length: 4.5 ft(1.40m) & expanded Length: 6 ft(1.80m).
  • Tensile strength of webbing: 6000 lbs(26.5kN).
  • Attachment end: forged aluminium snap hook.
  • Anchorage ends: 2 forged aluminium rebar hooks.
  • Meets ANSI Z 359.13-2013 & OSHA standards.
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Ideal for application involving fall arrest & and free movement of the user while remaining safely anchored at all times. Also, as the elastic nature of this lanyard reduces the actual effective length of the lanyard thereby reducing trip hazards hence, this lanyard is best used in conditions where there are chances of the user tripping over the lanyard.

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