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Self Retractable Lifeline (6ft) (BXFP0661IN)

  • Length of webbing: 6 ft
  • Locks quickly; arresting a fall within inches- providing more protection at low heights.
  • Extremely Light in weight, (weighing less than 1.32 lbs(600 gms) excluding hook) for easy user carriage.
  • High strength housing provides maximum durability.
  • Automatic quick fall arrester to arrest fall to less than 900 lbs (4kN) & fall arrest distance less than 24 inches(600mm).
  • Minimum breaking strength: 3000 lbs(13.34kN).
  • Conforms to
  • ANSI Z 359.14-2014 Class A.
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Ideal for direct connection to most harnesses and can be easily used as a lanyard replacement. Is best suited for situations where anchor point is available at foot level.

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