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Full Face Welding Helmet (BXWP0821IN)

  • “Equipped with a flip front window that the user can choose to open when not performing an operation.
  • Size of window: 3.93 inches (100mm) x 2.95 inches(75mm).”
  • The protective lens is made of a clear high impact resistant polycarbonate for increased protection.
  • Has removable lens which is tested against EN 175 & EN 169.
  • Operating range -50 C to +800 C and tested for electrical insulation.
  • Consists of polypropylene impact resistant shell that can be adjusted to a suitable height for better fitment.
  • “The head band has 4 adjustment positions and is provided with an anti-sweat comfort pad for increased comfort.
  • Consists of ratchet adjustment for easy harness adjustment.”
  • Conforms to EN 175:1997.
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Provides complete protection to the user’s face during welding operations.

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